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SyncPart 1.2 Data security  
The user interface is clear and simple and to handle even for a less experienced user. This security package is designed for people who want to save their work in real time and therefore do not want to rely on a time-based backup.
For creative professionals such as writers, researchers, developers, engineers or architects the loss of a few hours of work can have devastating consequences.
The program is divided into the user interface, and a Windows service. With the user interface you can choose the source and the target area. The service monitors the synchronization.

Select the area to be secured, and specify the destination. The structure of the directories and files will be transferred 1: 1 and is at loss of the original data available with all the last changes.
SyncPart allows you to synchronize large numbers of files and folders between multiple pairs of locations.
These locations may be on the same computer, a device, an attached drive, a memory stick, a flashcard or over a network. There are no primary/secondary or master/slave relationships, no schedules how and when to run a backup… When a replicated file is changed and closed, SyncPart submits that change to his partner in the replica set… in real-time.