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E-Mail Security TEO - The basis for a comprehensive privacy
Two eyes only.
IT security has become more of an issue of internal security as the exterior. If it is possible to spy the E-Mail traffic of a business or a private person all is visible. It's all open from planning through development, margins, customers, contracts and private. Just everything what is communicated and documented. Even the contacts, the number and frequency of services show a lot and leave the well-protected customer base to be a farce. The intruder will thank you ...
TEO is a separate mail system. Designed for the exchange of sensitive information, it offers extensive possibilities to ensure the security of transmissions. With End-to-End Encryption the encryption and decryption is performed directly on the client. The digital certificate of the e-mail identifies the sender and the computer of the sender. Only this combination, which will be deposited as a personal contact at the receiver will be accepted and used as one of the three bases for the encryption. Many internet users still don’t think it’s necessary to encrypt their messages. But if you are sending sensitive information via e-mail, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
E-mail encryption not only serves to protect privacy it also authenticate the sender, and it ensures the authenticity of the message. Not only the elimination of potential risks is important today , it is the thinking about a meaningful and comprehensive risk management what is necessary.
If I send an e-mail via a standard system I create with this operation already three copies. One copy is locally on my machine, another copy is on the server and one copy is at the receiver. Quite apart from all the others copies which land in unfamiliar areas. This is not just a risk-it's negligence…
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